Vim Taskwarrior Workflow

I've been using vim-taskwarrior for a few months. Here's a quick reference.

In my .vimrc I have mapped command space t to open a new tab (:newtab) and run :TW in the tab, see below.

let mapleader = "\<Space>"
nnoremap <leader>t :tabnew <bar> :TW<CR>

note: above bar means pipe symbol |, .vimrc needs this format.

Without the above shortcut run below two commands in vim.

open a new empty tab for taskwarrior.


open taskwarrior


All the following commands are run in the taskwarrior buffer. For a full list of the commands do ':help TW'


Add a task - will start the task wizard where you can specify the task date, project, priority(H,M,L), description and tags.


Modify a task


Modify a column within a task


Start a task - minus to stop.


Mark a task done


Show reports - this will show the current report, probably report:next. Remove the next and hit tab and you'll see the other report options in the status line, see below image.



Filter - this will allow for filtering on the tasks. Hit tab to show available filters, see below image.



Clear all completed tasks


There the main commands I use, though of course, there are plenty more.


I started doing a little customization also, below shows change to Taskwarrior tablehead.

highlight taskwarrior_tablehead ctermbg=white ctermfg=green guifg=#000057

The other areas open for customization are below, go nuts!! Place the above in your .vimrc and choose the taskwarrior_xxx you want to change.

highlight default link taskwarrior_tablehead   Tabline
highlight default link taskwarrior_field       IncSearch
highlight default link taskwarrior_selected    Visual
highlight default link taskwarrior_id          VarId
highlight default link taskwarrior_project     String
highlight default link taskwarrior_Status      Include
highlight default link taskwarrior_priority    Class
highlight default link taskwarrior_due         Todo
highlight default link taskwarrior_end         Keyword
highlight default link taskwarrior_description Normal
highlight default link taskwarrior_entry       Special
highlight default link taskwarrior_depends     Todo
highlight default link taskwarrior_tags        Keyword
highlight default link taskwarrior_uuid        VarId
highlight default link taskwarrior_urgency     Todo

Wrap Up

This is a great plugin and there's plenty more to discover if you are new to taskwarrior. All you need to know is covered in the docs :help :TW. Hope this helps someone.