My Editor Journey

A quick rant/history of the editors I've used throughout my career. Hopefully, this will evolve over time so I can look back with nostalgia.


I've been using eclipse since my college days (starting in 2004-2005). It's a staple for various types of development, mostly Java. I use the Vrapper plugin which is great as it allows Vim commands in eclipse. There have been times it's caused me great pain, but mostly it's been a nice IDE to turn too in times of need.


I Started using Vim in 2013 and haven't looked back. It's a bit of a slog getting started but well worth it. Using tools like Vrapper really helped successful adoption, as had I abandoned Vim when doing Java development it would have taken me a lot longer to be able to master the core commands. I was quite happy with my 'crappy vi in Tmux' setup for awhile. Though as I got more advanced it seemed wrong to be stuck in Tmux all the time. I started using NeoBundle recently for package management. Vimium (Chrome) and Vimperator (Firefox) are also great plugins for learning Vim when browsing.


I tried it out and liked it, though at the time it felt a little too early to adopt fully. I'll give it another go in the future and really like the way it is hackable.


When I was doing some RoR work I tried it, it didn't feel right for me and in ways as a novice RoR it added to the confusion.


Again, gave it a go but it just didn't feel like a good fit. Though I know a lot of people love it.


General day to day notes and log viewing, not much to say kind of like the staple editor on windows for me.


A brief encounter when looking for a good editor on Ubuntu.


Another brief encounter, looked nice but will stick with Vim for the timebeing.

The others I have forgotten...